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Bucket work

Utility Line Clearance Made Simple

If you own your home long enough, you'll hear that knock on the door at least once. The utility stopped by and demanded you cut branches that have encroached on your power lines.


Well those branches are high, and the power lines are live, and all you have is a handsaw and ladder. It's time to listen to that guy on TV — don't try this at home! Instead, call Mike's Tree Service.


We'll protect your home, and we protect our workers. We've been ACCIDENT-FREE for the last 15 years.

A Far-Reaching Bucket Isn't Far-Fetched

With a lift that extends up to 75 feet, we have the area's highest tree service reach. Coupled with the fact that old growth trees require extra tender loving care, Mike's Tree Service is your obvious choice.


Our tall bucket also makes topping jobs simple. But unless your tall branches are tangling utility lines, too aggressive a topping can threaten the tree's health. How much is too much? Call us for a free estimate.

Extendable High Bucket Work

A 75-foot bucket lets Mike's Tree Service reach your tallest treetop.

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