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"Big or small, we cut 'em all!"

Loader truck

Our Loader Truck Makes Cleanup Easy

When you lose a beautiful old tree, you can acquire tons of uncut wood you don't want. Fortunately, Mike's Tree Service owns a 65-cubic yard loader truck big enough to haul it away. We haul away almost anything, including wood, boards, and construction debris.


We make our loader available to haul any biodegradable matter. If you've cleaned up a lot or perhaps razed a house, we'll take away the refuse, be it underbrush or dozens of 2x4s.


Collectively, the Mike's Tree Service crew has almost 50 years of experience working on trees. They're all experts in tree care.

Don't Let Debris Devalue Your Property

You know how it goes. Filled with energy and good intentions, you ask us to leave that old tree we took down. You just need time to figure out where to stack the firewood you plan to cut.


Several months later, it remains untouched — an eyesore that kills most of the yard trapped beneath it, and also kills your property's value. So don't delay; let Mike's Tree Service haul it away.

Heavy Hauling Of Unwanted Yard Waste

We haul away what storms and excavations leave behind.

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