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"Big or small, we cut 'em all!"

Lot clearing

Space Clearing That Respects Nature

Excavation has its place but it's a brute force solution to clear land. Everything goes that's in the bulldozer's path, and if there was something that you wanted to save ...  well, that's too bad.


Mike's Tree Service clears property one tree or bush at a time. It takes a bit longer, but no heavy equipment will chew up your ground, and you can keep every tree and feature that matters.


Even if your trees are in dangerous locations, you don't have to worry. We carry workers' compensation so you face no liability.

We Clear Your Land That Bulldozers Can't

Especially near the water, there are lots of spots in Alabama that grading equipment can't safely reach. If you need to take down a tree near a bluff or a lake, you need to call Mike's.


Controlled clearing is also better for small jobs and small lots. A bulldozer is overkill for a field filled with underbrush. Nor do you really want a grader rumbling up to your residence.

Precise And Painstaking Lot Clearing  

Tree and brush removal that won't hurt your land.

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