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Stump grinding

Recover Flat Reusable Ground

Until it's gone, you don't realize how much space a tree fills in your yard.  So you start making plans for reusing that area but a large and unmovable problem persists. And you're stumped!


If you're like most homeowners, you don't have the tools to extract an old stump. That's exactly why Mike's Tree Service grinds them when removing your dead or diseased trees.


Why include stump grinding in our basic tree removal package? Because your complete satisfaction is always our first priority.

Stump Grinding Never Costs You Extra

Some tree services cut down the tree and leave the stump behind. Others may be willing to grind down the stump, but since they don't enjoy it, they tack on a considerable surcharge.


When you hire Mike's Tree Service to remove a damaged tree, we believe that the stump shouldn't be a sad reminder. To stop missing your lovely old tree, repurpose the space as quickly as possible.

Thorough Stump Grinding And Removal

You won't have to worry about obstacles and eyesores.

Locally owned and operated

Call us: 334-850-8587

Locally owned and operated

Call us: 334-850-8587