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"Big or small, we cut 'em all!"

Tree trimming and removal

Keep Your Trees Healthy And Strong

Trees need room to grow. As they become older and branches start dying because of storms or decay, it pays to clear out the deadwood and provide room for new growth to branch out.


Mike's Tree Service will climb any tree to cull damaged limbs. While we're up there, we also can prune to channel future branching and give your tree a more favorable shape.


Mike's Tree Service works with insurance companies every step of the way — from FREE estimates to hauling away the refuse.

Remove Your Dead And Damaged Trees

There are few sounds more sickening than a deafening crash on top of your house or the car in the driveway. So if your big tree becomes an even bigger problem, it's time to call Mike's Tree Service.


You'll be glad we're available 24/7 to handle emergencies. And when we finish hauling away all the chaos, you'll be grateful we did so with no further damage to your property. Call us for removing a dangerous branch or tree from your property.


Remember, Mike's Tree Service is licensed, insured and carries worker's compensation insurance.

Worry-Free Tree Trimming And Removal

Fix your tough tree troubles without creating new ones.

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